Autombile coating

NanoTek Solutions™ provides coatings that can be used to protect the exterior as well as the interiors of an Automobile. Our unique Automobile coating provides: Car Polish, Seal & Shine; Windscreen & Windows Protection and Interior Fabric or Leather Protection.

Car Polish, Seal & Shine

Our Car Polish, Seal & Shine coating provides an anti-stick and easy-to-clean effect on car body surfaces. Our unique coating bonds with surface and provides a long lasting protective barrier on the car’s paintwork, which greatly reduces the ability of dust, mud, water, bird droppings and other pollutants from sticking onto it easily. In fact, water readily pearls off the surface taking dirt and other pollutants with it.
Once applied, your car will require considerably less cleaning, which can be easily done with just water and a soft (microfibre) cloth. It eliminates the need to use harmful cleaning products, hence lowering the maintenance costs. In addition to providing an outstanding protective barrier against corrosion and weathering, our coating will also refresh the existing car paint work.

Windscreen & Window Coating

Our Windscreen & Window Coating makes the surface super hydrophobic. Once treated it will completely enhance your wet weather driving experience by improving visibility to a point where windscreen wipers are virtually redundant. It leads to less driver stress, more comfortable driving and enhanced safety.
The coated surface displays a high ability to repel water & dirt. This significantly reduces / eliminates the need to use expensive and environmentally damaging cleaning chemicals.

Automobile Interior Textile Coating

NanoTek Automobile Interior Textile coating protects automotive fabrics and textiles from water, dirt, contaminant and stains without altering its original look & feel. Our unique coating completely bonds with the surface making it water and stain repellent. Stains from accidental spillage of coffee, wine and other liquids are stories of the past. Unlike other coatings our coating is colorless & odorless and can be applied on all types of textile (leather, suede, rexin, cotton etc) without changing its appearance.
Common Areas of Application: Car seats, Dashboards, Convertible Roofs and any other Textile based surface