What we do

Having discovered a technologically advanced and an innovative solution - ‘NanoTek’ that enables us to protect all surfaces one can possibly think of. We are India’s first company that has revolutionized the concept of using “Nano Technology” to introduce customized solutions for your architectural and interior designing needs.

NanoTek Coating:

NanoTek Solutions offers a wide range of coatings such as:

  • NanoTek Textile Coating
  • NanoTek Marble Coating
  • NanoTek Stone & Concrete Coating
  • NanoTek Glass & Ceramic Coating
  • NanoTek Wood Coating
  • NanoTek Automobile Coating

Other Services:

  • Professionalized Housekeeping Services
  • Professionalized Glass Cleaning & Restoration Services
  • Complete Marble & Stone Polishing Solutions

With an experience of completing and delivering multiple prestigious projects across India, we provide you with a “One Stop Solution” for your various coating and maintenance requirements. Most of our solutions are customizable to suit your requirements and shall bring your dream space alive without you having to worry about preserving and maintaining the same.