Who We Are

NanoTek Solutions™ was formed with a vision to utilize “Technology” and provide “Solutions” that address the daily concerns associated with maintenance of various surfaces (Fabrics, Stone, Glass, Wood etc.). When we say various, we mean anything!!!

After years of research, NanoTek Solutions™ was established in early 2011 by Mr. Mihir Kapadia & Mr. Harsh Bhammer, who are one of the pioneers in revolutionizing the field of coatings used in the interior & exterior industry. Headquartered in Mumbai, NanoTek Solutions™ provides coating solutions across major cities in India and will soon be offering its services internationally as well.

The company’s primary concept revolves around providing coatings at a “Nano Level” which can be compared to one-billionth of a meter. The coatings are done at such an intricate level, that it cannot be seen even with the naked eye!!! Our coatings completely bond with the surface making it water and stain repellent.

Working with renowned and reputed companies in India, NanoTek Solutions™ has established itself as a premium coating service provider of choice. Through our unique brand of culture, we deliver excellence to our clients with an aspiration to exceed expectations.

Featured in CNBC Young Turks